Frank Ocean’s “Pink Matter” with Big Boi

by jawk

If you listened to Frank Ocean‘s debut album, “Channel Orange,” you would have heard the track, “Pink Matter” with Andre 3000 of Outkast. What you might have not known is that other Outkast member Big Boi was called on by Frank Ocean to be on it as well. In a December 29th Tumblr post that came from his Instagram account, this picture was posted stating he was hopping on a verse:

Screen Shot 2013-01-06 at 2.06.43 PM

So, why didn’t Sir Lucious make it into the studio to lay down his vocals? “Dre didn’t want an Outkast Record Coming out on anybody else LP” he said in a tweet sent out on July 9th. This might seem like the first Outkast reunion in six years, but Outkast actually had 2 songs ready for Big Boi’s debut album, Sir Lucious Left Food: The Son of Chico Dusty. Originally slated to be released on Jive Records, Big Boi ended up bringing the album to Def Jam who did end up releasing it. Jive, however, kept the two songs Outkast had done: Lookin’ For Ya and Royal Flush, the latter a digital download was even nominated for a Grammy.

The full Outkast version of “Pink Matter” finally debuted on Rap Radar’s Elliott Wilson’s #KeepItThoro mixshow this evening. Unfortunately it’s audio-watermarked with really loud, annoying cackles. You can still hear Big Boi spit so sweet making this track complete at last.


Big Boi uploaded it on his Soundcloud and you can even download it!

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